Enfuse London was a campaign to transform the way young people perceive their future. We felt that a career happened to be a substantial part of their life and given the UK retirement age currently at 67 years of age. Young people didn’t want to work for ‘half a century’ in a job they didn’t enjoy. We set out to work with 1500 young people armed with a grand budget of £100! 

It was a bold move. A few people looked at me as if we were crazy. (They were right!)

4 months have passed and to date we have worked with over 15 institutions and over 600 young people across London. The experiential workshops have been met with praise from participants, teachers, guest speakers and The Mayor of London amongst others leading academic instituitions. 

One pupil said 'The Workshop has been one of the best in her life as it opened my mind to what I could be and how I could take action now'

In addition, we are set to deliver the Enfuse London Conference to 500 young people and employers, in the process shaking the foundations of what ‘experiential career development’ could look like in 2012. Whilst enabling young people to meaningfully input into the seismic changes in UK career guidance.

Young people should have direct input into policy which affects their life opportunities directly. We are joined in our efforts byThe Challenge’, Bite The Ballot, Eventbrite and The Spirit of London Awards.

If I have learnt anything on this campaign. It would be summed up in the words:

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." ~ Ghandi

'Keep Calm and Enfuse London'